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DANNIO Anchoring Set Screw | 254-Pieces

AED50.00 AED35.00 -30%
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- The split in the ribbed anchors expands on two opposing sides as you tighten the screw, increased holding power.

- Toggle bolt's wings spread the force over the bearing surface, comes attached to a screw, use in concrete,brick.

- Once anchors are installed, they provide a flush, clean appearance in drywall.

- Kit Includes: Expansion screw:6*38 40pc, 6*30 50pc, 8*40 25pc, 10*50 12pc Screws:4*30 90pc, 5*40 25pc, 6*50 12pc.

- Plastic (nylon) material anchors, no rust, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, good toughness and can be easily removed.

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