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- Nontrace wall picture hooks are fit for any surface, such as drywall, cement walls, stickers wall, lime wall, whitewashed walls, wood, wooden doors, hardwood, and solid walls. They are not suitable for stud walls.

- Nontrace nails are suitable for hanging keys, coats, photo frames, bags, small mirrors. Also best for Art Painting hangers Clock Wedding Photos hanging solution.

DIY Painting Set 9 pieces

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This 9 pieces combo is ideal for a home DIY paint project.

Consists of the following:

Paint Tray 9" width - 1 piece

Paint roller with sleeve 9" - 1 piece

Paint roller with sleeve 4" - 1 piece

Paint roller sleeve only 9" - 1 piece

Paint roller sleeve only 4" - 1 piece

Paint brush 2" (50mm) - 1 piece

Masking tape 2" x 30 yards - 1 piece

Plastic drop sheet for protection - 1 piece

Rubber Hand Gloves - 1 pair

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Make Slime and bond materials like paper, Wood, fabric and ceramics

Safe, Washable and non toxic ideal for children

No run formula is adjustable before setting and dries clear

The number 1 teacher Brand, it's great for arts, crafts and School projects

Smooth, classic white glue formula is perfect for making Slime at home or in the classroom

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Everything You Need to Make Custom Slime: Clear Glue, Glitter Glue Pens & Magical Liquid

It's time for hours of fun with slime thanks to the Elmer’s Glue Slime Starter Pack! Loaded with two types of washable, safe, and nontoxic glue plus Elmer's Magical Liquid Activator Solution, it’s your ticket to endless family fun. The kit includes two bottles of clear glue that forms the ideal transparent slime base to customize with color plus five glitter glue pens that add explosive personality to your slime. Simply mix the glue with the Magical Liquid for hours of fun.


What's in the Box:


Two, 5 fl. oz. bottles of Elmer's Clear School Glue

Five, 0.356 fl. oz Elmer's Glitter Glue Pens

Two, 2.3 fl. oz bottles of Elmer's Magical Liquid Activator Solution

Kid-friendly glue slime recipes

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