Acrylic Sheet Clear - 4x6ft

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Clear Acrylic Sheet.

1220x1828mm Sheet

Thickness : 2mm
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About Acrylic Sheets

What is an Acrylic Sheet?

Acrylic sheets (also known as Perspex sheets, plexiglass, and lucite) are one of the most versatile plastic sheet materials. They can be formed into a variety of shapes. These sheets are transparent thermoplastic similar to polycarbonate and serve as an alternative to glass. They are very durable, practically unbreakable, moisture resistant, and can provide a custom look to home decor products. 


What are Acrylic Sheets used for?

They can be used for windows, light fixtures, signs, and most commonly today as protective screens. The possibilities are endless with acrylic sheets.


How are Acrylic Sheets better than glass?

Acrylic sheets exhibit glass-like properties but are lightweight and much stronger. Thicker glass panels tend to have a green tint, whereas acrylic sheets remain clear.


How is an Acrylic Sheet made?

Acrylic is a polymer that goes by the technical name Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and is created by combining giant carbon molecules together. 


What types of Acrylic Sheets are available?

Clear acrylic sheets come in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 2mm all the way up to 25mm thick. We also offer acrylic sheets in colored, opaque, and mirror finishes.

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Data sheet

6x4ft (1220x1828mm)

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