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Changing bulbs, Putting Capacitors in Fans and other small jobs like these are very common in homes and tech shops. Almost every man has to face some sort of fixing problems in one way another.The tasks themselves aren''t hard, but proper safety should always be our priority.Voltage tester is such a precautionary device. It is very simple and useful. We just need to place in the required region, and it tells us whether that object has circulating current or not by glowing due to the potential difference.EASY, SMALL AND COMPACT DEVICE - Geepas Voltage Tester is a small easy to use voltage tester. The tester is insulated with transparent plastic. Plastic insulation ensures that no current passes through it. The transparency allows the glow to be visible when current is present in the tested object.EASY TO KEEP - The size is compact and manageable, it has a pocket clip, so you can keep it in your pocket and take it out at the time of need. The tip is a Phillips screwdriver having a size of 3140MM, and it can be used in tightening or opening up similar sized screws.

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