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Milano Electric Water Heater 50L Horizontal

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Rated Power : 1500W

Rated Voltage : 220V-240V

Frequency : 50Hz/660Hz

Capacity : 50L

Rated Pressure : 0.75MPs

Rated Temperature : 75 Degree C

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Sapphire enamel coating protects the tank from corrosion.

Polyurethane Insulation (PUF) keeps the water warm and prevent heat loss for a long time. Save 30% more energy than other common types.

Offer protection from overheating and energy saving.

Earthing Protection special device is provided in case of any current leakage, the electric current will go to the earth, prevent injury to human due to electric shock.

Enamel Heating Element.

27% Thicker magnesium Anode

CB approved.

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This is a 2 Component Product (A + B), Both are Included | 5L Consists of 4 + 1 Litre | 20L consists of 16 + 4 Litre


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