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Boiled Linseed Oil

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Langlow Boiled Linseed Oil is a refined linoleic oil-based, water repellent wood treatment suitable for use on all types of timber structures such as doors, frames, hardwood patio chairs, tables, window boxes, and trellis work, providing a rich sheen appearance, refreshing the natural color, whilst also protecting against the seasonal effects of weathering and prolonged outdoor exposure. Repeat applications will build on the sealed surface and create an increasingly glossy sheen finish should this be required.


- Rich protective surface coating

- Dries to a one-coat semi-sheen finish

- Restores the original natural look

- Protects against water ingress

- Repeat coats build to a gloss finish

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It is designed to protect, nourish and embellish your exotic woods.

It avoids graying effect and protects against water and other problems caused by environmental agents.

This impregnation product for exotic woods is suitable for both indoor and outdoor works.

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